C rescent moon, we sing with you

HE’S ALIVE. and home :) thanks guys!

I feel so helpless :( can everybody please pray/send good vibes my way? I can’t find my cat and a few days ago our other one died. I need him :(

If you’re offended by someone being against illegal immigration, please unfollow me and educate yourself.

Anonymous You had a conservative upbringing didn't you? 

My upbringing had zero political influence. I was always taught to think for myself. When I was younger I identified as a democrat (when I put emotion before researching about something) ☺️

Anonymous lol shut the fuck up. those illegal aliens are fucking people. You know? With families and friends and lives. They deserve a chance at a better life. So sit the fuck down. 

Yeah, they do. So just like my family, they can go through the LEGAL way of coming into another country. Get their shots/immunizations, and not bring over deadly diseases. So shut the fuck up, and educate yourself.

Shoutout to Obama for allowed dozens of thousands of sick illegal aliens into our country. Two stupid moves in one. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a domestic terrorist.

Hannah Leigh ❤